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Paleo Breakfast Ideas

When I started on the Paleo diet, I often struggled for breakfast ideas to add variety to my morning meal.  When the traditional breakfasts of packaged cereal or toast and jam are not an option just what do you eat?  Starting the day right with a quick and easy, but healthy breakfast can be a challenge for many Paleo followers.   Like all Paleo meals, breakfast should contain protein, vegetables and some healthy fat.  This combination will give you the
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Benefits of the Paleo Diet

What are the benefits of the Paleo diet?  Is it a miracle diet or just a lot of hype?  Because the Paleo focus is on eating whole, natural and unprocessed foods with a particular emphasis on vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, nuts, seeds and fruit, it’s easy to see that it must have at least some positive effects on our health.  Here’s a list of reported health benefits of Paleo gathered from books, studies, various articles and from my own experience.
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