Hello and welcome to Thrive Paleo.

My name is Sallie and have recently retired from a corporate career to pursue a more relaxed lifestyle.  I’ve started this blog about my Paleo journey to encourage other people to try it and discover the health benefits for themselves.

I have always been passionate about food and in particular healthy eating.  For years I followed the low-fat high carb mantra until I read David Gillespie’s ‘Sweet Poison’ which documents the effects sugar has on the body.  This made so much sense to me and started me on a quest for finding a better way of eating.  After reading numerous authorities on the insidiousness of sugar this lead to me investigating the bad effect wheat and other grains have on us.  You can see where this is heading!

Paleo was something I was aware of, but I had misconceptions about the diet before I looked into it further.  Once I discovered the truth about Paleo it all seemed so logical – eating natural and unprocessed foods has to be the way to go.

That said, my personal philosophy is that life is to be enjoyed and so for me the 90/10 (or 80/20 some weeks!) approach to Paleo works well.  I have the occasional treat, eat some full-fat dairy, especially cheese and yoghurt, and enjoy a glass of wine.

I’d love for you to join me on this Paleo journey.