How to Go Paleo in 5 Simple Steps

how to go paleo
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Do you want to live the Paleo lifestyle but just not sure how to start or what to focus on?   Are you overwhelmed, confused and stuck in inaction by all the information you’re reading?  You’re not alone, finding how to start the Paleo diet seems to be a very common dilemma amongst would-be Paleo beginners.

When starting out, the whole Paleo way of living might seem daunting at first, but the basic premise, to eat what our Paleolithic ancestors ate thousands of years ago, is quite simple.  It is a journey and, like all journeys, it begins with a single step.  Once you’ve taken that first step you’ll be well on your way to better health.

Here are 5 steps to help you and your family make the transition to Paleo more easily.

1. Define your reason and get in the mindset

Identify why it is you are going Paleo.  What do you want to achieve? Do you want to lose weight?  Are you pre-diabetic or have an autoimmune condition?   Do you feel tired constantly?  Having a clear vision and a strong reason for change will make it easier to stick with it when the going gets tough.  Remember you are doing this for yourself – no one else is making you give up any foods.  Focus on what you CAN eat, not what you can’t.

2. Clean out the pantry

Go through your pantry and get rid of all the unhealthy food.  You don’t have to throw it out, friends and food banks are usually grateful for donations.  Doing this clean out will symbolically mark the point at which your old lifestyle finishes and your new one begins.  There’s also the added benefit that you’ve removed temptation from the house.  It can be very difficult to resist falling back into bad eating habits, especially in the first few weeks until you’re really in the Paleo routine.

3. Plan your meals

It’s important to think ahead and plan your meals as you can’t just open a packet or jar to make a meal.   There’s lots of information available online, in your local library or bookshop to help you with meal planning.   Keep your fridge, freezer and pantry well stocked to avoid the temptation of convenience food .  Before leaving for work make sure that you have the basics ready for your evening meal – meat out of the freezer, vegetables available and if they are prepped ready to cook so much the better.  On days when it’s all too much  you can always grab a ready-cooked meal from the freezer, ideally adding some fresh vegetables.

4. Go shopping

Now that you’ve cleared out the wrong foods you need to restock with the right things for your new lifestyle.  Planning your meals means shopping should be easier as you buy only what you need.  Stick to the perimeter of the supermarket where the healthier food is located or try local markets and farmers markets.   Buy some frozen berries and vegetables to keep on hand for when you run out of fresh.

5. Get cooking

To start with, focus on creating simple meals with clean, wholesome foods.  As your confidence grows try new foods and recipes to avoid boring, repetitive meals.  A slow cooker will be your best friend, throw in some meat, veggies and herbs or spices and let it cook away.  You come home to a meal ready to eat and this is also an ideal way to make extra servings for later meals.

Making such a big lifestyle change can be hard and getting started may seem challenging but keep thinking one step at a time and you’ll get there.  How fast you take these steps is up to you.  You can implement all these changes in a day, you can take them a week at a time, somewhere in between or even longer if that works for you.   The first step is getting started – so what are you waiting for?

If you’re looking for some help in starting Paleo , a great resource to get you started is the Paleo Hacks cookbook.  Check it out here.